Still Shredding

Oi vey! I just finished day 3 of my workout. It’s funny how I am having a hard time catching my breath and talking normally, and as a result I can’t type without pausing to gasp for air as well. I still couldn’t do it without pausing for breaks, but I know I’m lasting longer each time. I’m hoping that after a week of this I can do it all without taking my five second breathers. I’m doing most of the modified versions of the exercises that have modifications. I’m not hard core.

And let me just say, I’ve always liked Bob better on the Biggest Loser because he seems nicer and rarely yells at people to get them moving. But I’m gaining a whole new appreciation for Jillian through this process. She doesn’t yell at you in this DVD, and at first I was a little disappointed (weird? probably), but in the times when I feel like I can’t go on and I stop for a second I can still hear her yelling at me, biggest loser style, and it gets me moving. Fast. Somehow I find her more motivating than Bob, at least their DVD personalities. (Tried the BL Cardio Max DVD with Bob for a while last year and didn’t stick with it. I guess he was too nice).

3 Responses to “Still Shredding”

  1. Kendall Says:

    I’m cracking up reading your Jillian updates. :-D It makes me thankful for my treadmill so I don’t feel guilty for not using her DVD. (lol!)

  2. Becky Fehr Says:

    He he he, you made me smile! To nice, he he he!

  3. Julie Cortens Says:

    Hang in there! It will get better – really! And one day you will actually look forward to it. No, really!

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