Struggles of the everyday.

Bailey got sick yesterday. She’s running a fever, and she threw up on the drive home from Mom and Dad’s. It’s times like this that I’m grateful she loves to drink juice so much, because it’s not too difficult to push fluids with her when she’s sick.

Today Markus said he wasn’t feeling well, and said he had a fever – with a smile on his face. I thought it was just for show, but I felt his forehead and he did actually feel warm. The thermometer agreed.

So today is a day for sitting on the couch, watching movies, drinking juice, eating chicken noodle soup (I’m so glad I still have some stock in the freezer for such a day!). Bailey is already having her third nap of the day, and it’s only one o’clock. Today is a day for not fighting my newly developed coffee dependance and just making a small pot to give me a boost after a very interrupted sleep last night.

It’s these days, and even more so these nights, that make me feel completely inadequate. How am I supposedly qualified to take care of a sick child? Honestly, fevers do sort of freak me out. I do what I can – childrens’ Advil, a bath, a cool cloth on her forehead, pick her up and carry, snuggles when she goes to lay down, lots of kisses and “I love you”‘s – but when all that has been done I am still incapable of making her well. It’s these days that I am reminded that every day I am in need of Jesus. I am in constant need of his grace in my life and in the lives of my children. In need of his healing of our bodies as well as our souls. How blessed I am to know he has everything in control, and that worrying about my sick little ones won’t do an ounce of good. I give them to him, and rest in his sufficiency today.

5 Responses to “Struggles of the everyday.”

  1. Jayna Says:

    I know the feeling. Every time Levi is sick, definitely makes me realize I’m not as ‘in control’ as I thought. :) You do what you can and then let Jesus do the rest. Praying for you all!

  2. Carla B Says:

    Amen sister! Thank God for coffee :)

  3. Carla B Says:

    p.s hope your little ones are feeling much better soon…and the momma don’t get sick!

  4. Becky Fehr Says:

    Oh sleep deprivation can makes us all doubt ourselves but all you listed is THE BEST medicine for sick kids, time and fussing from a mommy who loves the:) It is such hard work to adjust to the new number each time you have a kiddo, remember little ones are so forgiving and patient with us so we need to be more so with ourselves! They get sick so often when little. I am starting to see it getting less often, as more experienced mom’s have always told me it would so be encouraged all this too shall pass.

  5. Sarah MacMillan Says:

    Awww. I hope everyone is doing better by now. It’s always tough when your babies aren’t feeling well. Thankful for God’s strength and grace as you say.

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