Airport Adventure

Every experience is a chance to learn. Sometimes that means school is sitting at home reading books, working on writing skills, doing math, or painting a picture. Other times it means baking a cake, going to the grocery store, or playing at the playground. Today school meant going to the airport!
My mom and dad decided to take a trip with my uncle and aunt to Hawaii, and what could be more exciting for me and my crew than to go bid them farewell? Well, I guess going along would be more exciting, but we settled for the airport and I don’t think the kids knew they were missing out on anything.
Bailey looks a little worried here. Good thing she’s got her Grandpa to keep her safe.
Grandma and Grandpa’s plane getting pushed out to the runway.
Bailey joins in on the action.
Loving the view out of those massive windows!
Silly Markus! I love this kid.
Have a good trip! And don’t forget to bring home some Kona coffee!

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