A New Chapter

I’ve decided to reinvent my blog self. I’ve really enjoyed keeping up with my 365 photo project over the last two years, but I don’t feel like I have given this blog enough attention. There is only so much time in the day, so my deeper musings and reflections were put on the back burner.

Instead of doing the 365 project well, and this personal blog with mediocrity, I’m going to merge the two. I won’t be writing here anymore, but you can find me and more of my thoughts at kim365.com. The goal is to continue photo blogging, and to dig deeper into real life stuff. With photos I can paint you an idyllic picture of what my life looks like, but I don’t want to give the impression of ease. Life is not easy, and I have not found balance. I heard a wise women say, “There is no balance. You have to learn to live within the tension.” Welcome to the tension. There is beauty within, yet struggles abound.

And so begins a new chapter.
Everyday life.
Messy stuff included.
See you there!

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