“Faith Is Not In A Floor Plan”

So I’m home alone for the weekend and in an attempt to keep myself occupied and entertained, I decided to rent a movie and ended up with Simon Birch. I guess it’s been out for a couple years already but I had never really heard anything about it. Anyway, it’s about a boy named (you guessed it) Simon. He wasn’t expected to live more than a day because of problems with his birth, but he lives to be almost 13 years old. He is incredibly small, but he has big dreams, and huge faith that God is going to use his life for something amazing. He refuses to accept a small god that has no plans for peoples’ lives: a god who is distant and safe. It did exactly what I hoped it would: entertain me. On top of that, it made some really great statements about faith as well as some problems with the institutional church. Here are a few things from the movie that really hit me. Oh and see it, it’s amazing. :)

Simon is at church on Sunday morning and has a bit of an encounter with the reverend. He shows wisdom far beyond that of your typical twelve year old:
reverend:”It’s always nice to see new faces in the congregation. I’d like to invite them to join my wife, children, and myself for coffee and donuts downstairs after the service.”
Simon:”What does coffee and donuts have to do with God?”
reverend:”…they’re merely refreshments so people can socialize and discuss the current (church) events.”
Simon:”Who ever said that church needs a continental breakfast?! I doubt that God is interested in our church activities. If God has made the church bake sale a priority, then I’d say we’re all in a lot of trouble.”
The children are then dismissed for Sunday School and Simon is sent to the corner of the classroom until he is ready to apologize to the reverend for what he said. The reverend walks in and says:
“Simon, what do you think you’re doing sitting in the corner?”
Simon:”Thinking about God.”
reverend:”in a corner…”
Simon:”Faith is not in a floor plan.”

Later, Simon is talking to his best friend Joe about his faith that God will someday make him a hero.
Joe:”But you don’t have any proof.”
Simon:”I don’t need proof: I have faith. Your problem is that you have no faith.”
Joe:”I got faith. I just want proof to back it up.”

It’s surprising how Hollywood manages to keep surprising me when I least expect it.

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  1. Markio Says:

    I really did enjoy that movie.

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