Radical Love

I got home from Winnipeg last Tuesday, and have been working like crazy since then. Working up to 13 hours a day leaves little time for blogging, but today was only 7 hours, so here I finally am!

I had such a great time in The Peg. I stayed with my sister and her husband and two kids. I even got to baby-sit for my nephews one night: awesome time. Just call me Uncle Kimmi….haha. No wait, don’t: you’re only allowed to call me that if you’re two years old. Another highlight was spending a night out in Steinbach with my friend Talitha. (I got that URL from none other than the Steinbach water tower…) Steinbach….the land of Mennonite women in skirts rollerblading down Main Street. There’s no other place quite like it. Oh and if you’re ever there, go to The Green Tree Cafe and get the cinnamon swirl toast: it’s amazing!

On a different note, I was driving past the concert hall on Main Street in Winnipeg one afternoon, when I saw something that made my heart absolutely break. There were a bunch of people waiting at the bus stop and this man pushing a shopping cart with a garbage bag in it walked past a few of them and stopped at a garbage can. He lifted the lid and began digging through the garbage, looking for pop bottles. They all just turned away. Pretended he wasn’t there. All of them with their cushy jobs and expensive clothes and money to burn until hell freezes over. What has the world become?

That whole incident really got me thinking about who Jesus is. Jesus wouldn’t have turned his back on that man. Jesus burns with unextinguishable love for that man. Jesus loved to hang out with people just like him. Jesus’s love is not safe, and it does not make sense. I absolutely hate the way the modern church has watered the love of Christ down into something that inspires little more than collecting old sweaters for people at Christmas. Somehow I don’t see that as ‘loving your neighbor as you love yourself.'(Mark 12:31) The world sees Jesus as some soft spoken pushover who hands out candy coated water drops in an attempt to get people into the doors of a church. Jesus was the most radical and upside down man to ever walk this earth. What would the world become if we started loving with his radical love?

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  1. Clay Says:

    YAY for Jesus’s Radical Love! Giving it to the undeserving (such as me). He did what didn’t make sense, and he did it out of Love. Jesus was a rebel of his times, but no wonder why – he lived in as screwed up society as ours is today… except they hadn’t yet been saved…so that at least gave them somewhat of an excuse. How many “christians” today are actually rebelling against society? Too many are conforming to it and changing their views to fit in with it. Let’s get back to the truth and start with some Radical Love! I for one need that…A quote I heard today “Maybe all he needs is a little more grace. Why are you complaining about him? Maybe you should be the one to give it to him.”

  2. Jeremy Says:

    I think I saw those girls rollerblading through Steinbach two months ago!

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