Change of plans

I ended up not quitting my job at Superstore yesterday. As in most cases, I’m pretty sure I over-reacted to the situation. I tend to do that a lot. Two days ago I was so irate that they had made another bad schedule that I became totally irrational. I decided my only option was to quit.

After I had cooled down and I was at work last night, I argued with myself for about two hours. “Should I quit? Should I not? Talk to your supervisor. Don’t talk to her.” On and on it went. Finally I broke down and talked to my supervisor about the bad shifts I had been given. Honestly, it wasn’t her fault: someone else had messed around with the schedule. Whew. Plus, I really didn’t like the idea of leaving on a bad note. I didn’t want to ruin a really great reference that I could have from them if I were to ever work photo somewhere else. Thank you God for speaking to me in my hard-headedness.

I’m still going to need another job in the fall though, because my hours at both jobs that I have are going to take a major dive when September comes. So still, if anyone has any ideas, they’re very welcome.

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