Losing focus

It’s so crazy to me how I always keep losing focus on God. I stray, I get conviction, I vow I’ll change and seek Him wholeheartedly, and I do for a while….and then i drift. It’s crazy to me how I keep putting myself first before God: how I was putting my relationship with my boyfriend before my relationship with God. It’s crazy how I wasn’t seeking God’s will for what we were doing: wasn’t seeking His will for what direction we were going. It’s crazy to me how the prescription of my soul’s eyes changes so quickly.

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  1. Atcho Says:

    God’s got funny ways of working. If it’s meant to be than it’ll be.

  2. James Says:

    Just reading this I was kind of reminded of me…Big bloody suprise…When I first became a Chrisitian I was all over the place, and getting right with God…well getting back on the path instead of in the ditch, was an everyday thing. Then things changed, I asked to be baptised by the Spirit, because it seemed the right thing to do. And then after that there was a lot of praying of…God…do whatever you need to make me right.

    Well its been a year and a half after that day…or rather months…and well not to say that I am perfect, but things are different…I walk, I listen to God and keep walking, always talking to him, and him guiding me through counsel from family friends and himself.

    I find my self not having to vow to change…I just ask him to change me and he does. His Holy Spirit comming down and washing me up from the inside.

    But anyways…Its a good feeling to not have to vow and make promises…because Jesus already promised to change us, and is willing to. And this is the best part…Those fruits of the spirit that everyone hears about…all of a sudden spring out, and its the greatest feeling ever! to know that finnaly God is changing me… and me not having to put much effort into it except the effort to pray for change.

  3. Kimbo Says:

    Wow. James, I don’t know who you are, but thank you for that comment. God spoke to me hugely through that. I….I received the baptism of the holy spirit in december when I was on SoD, and he really did transform my life. I experienced what you talked about; God would change me when I’d ask him to. Eventually though, I forgot that, and I tried again to change myself. Of course I don’t have the strength to change myself! Of course I don’t!! Why are we as humans ever foolish enough to believe that??

    Thank you James.
    Thank you Holy Spirit for being here in our midst and working on our hearts. Thank you for never giving up on us…..me. You have been more faithful than the morning sun.

  4. Sarge Says:

    praying for you…

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