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Why do people concern themselves with dating relationships? Why go through all the frustration and confusion and mixed emotion? My real question of the day: why do people get married? I’m at such a loss. Help.

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  1. Markio Says:

    It is because we want someone to go through life with who really knows us and won’t go away. We are scared of it because of how many couples do break up. But ideally it would be because we are searching for intimacy and it is not as easily found or kept elsewhere. Marriage isn’t the guarentee of intimacy but there is a whole lot better chance of it.

    footnote: When I speak of intimacy, I’m not talking about sex. I’m talking about uncovered closeness. And by that, I’m not talking about nudity. 8) (Back to the garden)

  2. LT Says:

    There are lots of reasons to get married.

    1) To find meaning and purpose in living for a spouse and children
    2) To find something to cover up loneliness and insecurity
    3) To give in to social pressure
    4) To have sex
    5) To be with your best friend forever

    I really think people make to big a deal about it.

  3. Kimbo Says:

    Hmm…..yeah, when you break it down like that LT, it does seem like people make too big a deal about it. It seems….over-rated. Yeah, I’m not really all that sold on it yet. Intimacy…aside from the whole sex thing, can be found elsewhere, right? Right. Yeah, I’m not so sold. Anyone got anything else?

  4. Tom Fehr Says:

    why get married? because you fall in love with your best friend; you want to stand before God and people and make a vow of lifelong commitment; and you want to work through the ups and downs with someone who’s worth it; because marriage is the best thing since…..well actually it’s better than sliced bread.
    19 years of fun, closeness, discovery, shared difficulty, shared crisis, and shared joy. 19 years of character building and challenge. 19 years and she’s still my sweetheart. She stayed with me during my heart attack, I was with her through pregnancy & delivery. By God’s grace we made kids who are becoming adults. I stick with her, she stick with me- till death do us part.

    Sorry this is so long. But marriage is cool.

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