Spirit of Religion

I’ve been feeling distant from God recently. I never read my Bible, I never pray (well, very rarely)…I’ve just lost passion or something. I’ve become so caught up with not bowing to the spirit of religion that I’ve become religious about being nonreligious (does that make sense?) My mind is so wrapped up with my ideal of simplistic and practical living that I’ve lost the reason for which I wanted to live simply in the first place. God calls us to a life of self-abandonment: denying ourselves and living in the light of the Son. God calls us to deny the world and live in his glory. I need to deny the things I want and live on what I need: God will supply everything we need. We need to stop trying to cover our asses and stop trying to make life comfortable for ourselves. I just….yeah, I get so caught up in this whole thing that I lose my passion for the source of it. God is at the root of my passion for simple living, yet my passion for Him has diminished. I don’t have a clue if I am making sense.

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  1. Linea Lanoie Says:

    Unfortunately, you make too much sense. Too common a problem. Are you at the point yet where you realize you are totally dependant on God. There is no other choice. I wish I had learned it earlier – I “knew” it but I didn’t at the same time. Try doing some serious time on your knees. He is there and there really is no other place to turn than to him. Hope I don’t sound like I have it all together – but lately time with God has become a necessity for me. I have been thinking and trying to express just what made the change occur and it is difficult to say – but I was pretty desperate. He met me at that point like never before.

  2. Linsay Martens Says:

    Religious about being non-religious?! Yep. That makes sense. I can definitely relate to everything you just said.

  3. Clay Says:

    Yes it makes sense. It’s a constant battle to be fighting against the whole religion thing while also trying to stay in a relationship with God. Some of the very reasons for religion are good, but we aren’t supposed to be doing them for the sake of religion. One thing I’m constantly reminded of is that we’ve been given great power by God to do pretty much anything we want. We can use the power we’ve been given in whatever way we choose. That’s why we have to choose to use it for the glory of God. Use that sense of rebellion to further God’s kingdom. Use that sense of denying ourselves personal selfishness to spread love among other people. God didn’t create us to be robots. He created us to do things, to use what’s been given to us, to see what the options are, and follow His plan. So basically what I’m trying to boil this long nonsensical writing down to is that we have the power within us to choose to get closer to God. He’s given it to us, we just have to stop being so stubborn and use it!

  4. Markio Says:

    That is exactly how I’ve felt but I’d forgotten how to say it. I used to use the term all the time about a friend of mine who would try to control me by calling me religious every time I did something he didn’t like. Then when I stopped being friends with him, in my anger, I did the same thing to everyone else. I became religious about being non-religious. It has been a fight for the last 2 years to regain the passion that I once had, the convictions that I left behind so that I couldn’t be an offence to anyone. I succeeded at not offending most people except for God. He is the one that just wasn’t pleasing with my attempts to keep everyone else happy. With my attempts to keep me happy.

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