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Last night I talked to Talitha, a friend of mine from SoD. It was so great to finally talk to her again. It’s crazy to me how our friendship always keeps going. We can not talk to each other for nearly a month, and then when we talk, we are still as close as ever.

She told me about a conversation she had with Cory a little while ago about SoD community. It continues to live after SoD has finished. When we are together it’s just like old times. We know what church is supposed to be: we have lived in community (oh that cursed word, haha). We know how church should be and now our challenge is to find community here at home.

I won’t settle for the definition of church that leaves me going to a building every Sunday morning with a bunch of people who don’t know me. Church is living in community and sharing experiences with people and learning from one another as you walk the journey of following Christ together. The Christian life is not a solitary walk: we are meant to walk it together. We need to share our lives with others. Yes, we have a personal relationship with Jesus, but I think that is often something we use to say “My walk is my business, mind your own.” And we don’t allow others to journey with us.

Today I was talking to my oldest sister Jean. We were talking about church and she’s finding herself in the same place I’m in: questioning just what the point of going to an institutional church is. She’s not feeling satisfied with the definiton of church we grew up with: and I’m so pumped to hear that. It’s so awesome to have her understand where I’m coming from. It’s so awesome to have someone in my family be pumped about me being part of a house church. Not to say that my family doesn’t want me to be part of the house church….but some of them have definite reservations. It’s good to feel supported.

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  1. Clay Says:

    Correct that church shouldn’t be about showing up at a building every Sunday morning just for the heck of it with people you don’t know…hence the benefit of small group church things. It’s more about community and actually interacting with a group of people…not just being off to the side and listening. That is what church should be like. I can definately see the benefits of a house church. Props to the churches that have started doing this (I’m lucky enough to attend a church that is doing this very thing…basically adding to the “church” experience by having community events that put small groups of people together to share their walk with God together)

  2. Kimbo Says:

    yeah i agree that small groups are a good idea….so good that they should just scrap “sunday morning worship services” and let small groups be church. if small groups are where people have true church experience, then what’s the point of the sunday morning meeting with a billion other people?

  3. LT Says:

    That has got to be funniest response I’ve heard to house church fan talking about small groups.

  4. Linsay Martens Says:

    YEAH … scrap the “sunday morning worship services” in favour of “true church experiences” … excellent idea, Kim!

  5. Jer Olson Says:

    LT, it seems to me that I’ve said that to you numerous times.

    That’s why we’re doing just that…

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