I miss you Saskatchewan (Yep, still on that thread : )

I was riding the skytrain to the waterfront today here in Vancouver and it’s just incredible to me how much people stick to themselves these days. “I better not do anything that would offend people around me. Don’t want them to think I’m weird…” No one says hello, no one smiles, no one even makes eye contact. You live your life, I will live mine. It feels so different here compared to Saskatoon (well duh, but still….).

There was a man riding the train who had some sort of a mental disability. He was talking to himself, singing, and laughing, completely oblivious to the fact that he was making people uncomfortable. Oblivious to the fact he was the only one saying anything, the only one laughing. He was just being himself. He was free to say what came to his mind, free to laugh at whatever he found funny. Free to be himself without worry of what others thought of him.

During this whole time, no one even looked up. No one acknowledged his presence. They sat there, and stared a head with their blank eyes, willing him to get off at the next stop so he would cease to make them uncomfortable.

Why do we find it so difficult to shed our worry of what others think of us? Why are we so consumed with our image? “What will people think of me? Heaven forbid people get the impression that I find joy in the little things in life!”

I love encountering people like this man. People who see the world through innocent eyes. I pray that God would use their unharnessed zest for life to infect the lives of this stale world we live in.

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