One more thing

I also have to say that things are going better than when I posted on Tuesday. I had a great time with Cam and Matt: the pipe did calm me down :) It was great to sit outside with them and mellow out and have some good conversation on the stoop with our pipes and beers (well, me without a beer because I can’t stand the taste). Being with them was just what I needed. So thanks God, and thank you guys (even though I know Cam will never read this because he has some unexplained vendetta against blogging…).

Yesterday I was out for pretty much the whole day because I woke up with a migraine and it took 6 hours for the feeling of knives being stabbed into my eyes to pass. Not too fun, but I survived :)

And today I spent 4 hours with my girl Deanna (one of my best friends from SoD). It was so great to see her and have some quality one on one time with such a great friend that I haven’t seen in so long.

And I also must say that long distance relationships really do suck quite a lot…. :P It’s so hard not being able to be there for Clay when he’s going through hard times. Alex, you were a genius with the whole telephone thing, but where’s my warp speed flying machine? It sure would come in handy a lot….

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