Election time

Well, tomorrow’s our provincial election: my first!, and do I know who I’m voting for? Not a clue! Right now I’m chatting on msn with LT, getting a crash course on election platforms and such. Man….arg! Probably the main dilemma here is that I have never really had an interest in politics. I try to stay as far away from them as possible. It doesn’t interest me, probably hugely due to the fact that …well, like I said: it doesn’t interest me! Alas, I am now a voting citizen. Voters have a responsibilty to know what is going on if they are going to vote. Votes need to be taken seriously. I think i have an obligation to know what the issues are, even if i’m not passionate about it. i should know why my vote is what it is. So…here goes my late night studying….I thought these days were behind me…

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  1. linsaymartens Says:

    c’mon kim … it’s all about making Saskatchewan the most affordable place in Canada for families to live … it’s about keeping social programs and crown corporations … it’s about SOCIAL JUSTICE and all that good Jesus-kind of stuff … it seems to me there’s not much of a choice! ; ) If you wanna volunteer with the rest of the house church (or some of it anyway) … we’ll be working for the NDP! (hint hint!)

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