The point of my bible study last wednesday

I know I mentioned this during the Bible study, but I don’t know if I stressed its importance: that it was the main point I was getting at. It dawned on me that the kingdom of God is like the Matrix (I know, I know, everyone’s probably sick of Matrix analogies. Bear with me). Just like the Matrix was something that Morpheus could not explain to Neo, so the Kingdom of God is something that cannot be explained to us. It is an immense mystery that God reveals to those who seek it. We must make a conscious decision that we are tired of the world’s ways and we know there is more out there, though it doesn’t seem to make sense, it is appealing because it presents hope, however scary that hope is. God reveals what the Kingdom of God is to us when we ask him to transform our hearts and our minds. No learned man has the capacity to explain what the Kingdom of God is, it must be God showing it to us. A book filled with 300 questions and answers about life and faith will still leave a person feeling empty, and with not much more help or hope in living a godly life. Because the Kingdom of God is revealed to those who seek it in truth, through the Lord, not through mere mortal men.

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  1. Clay Says:

    In complete agreement. No matter how much someone else tries to tell us about God or about heaven, we still won’t see the realness or the truth unless we ask God to show it to us. It’s something that has to be experienced. We have to decide to seek God and say “I’m willing to take a step and I want you to show me who You are!” God will show Himself to those who seek Him.

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