Make up your mind!

I have realized something in the past few days:
I hate when people over-analyze things that are dreadfully simple.

Where’d this come from? I see now that I made things with Clay way more complicated than they needed to be. I brought so many factors into the equation, when really…frick, almost none of them mattered. It came down to whether or not I care about him (heck yeah), and if I would commit to working at making our relationship work (and I have determined the answer to that is also a “heck yeah”: I’d be stupid not to). So now, I can’t handle hearing people over-analyze things to death. I think that’s probably because I found it so annoying in myself, so I find it annoying in other people. I was so annoyed with myself already I was just like, “Frick! Make up your mind already!”
There’s my rant. Bye.

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  1. Clay Says:

    Glad you made up your mind!!!!

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