Today I worked my last shift at the care home. Well, not last last, but my last one before I leave for Sweden. It was really hard to leave. Seriously, in spite of all the times that I am ready to pull my hair out from the frustration I sometimes experience there, I really really love that job. I love the people who live there. And it is supremely hard to know I won’t be going back there for four months because….well, some of them very well may not be there when I get back. It’s not like they are all healthy; I am sure some of them will be moving on to a more glorious residence before I get back. That’s hard. I hadn’t realized how attached I have become to so many of them. I can be glad though, because I will be going back eventually. It would royally suck to have to quit that job for good. I hope I don’t have to any time soon.

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  1. Ashley G Says:

    Kim, I’m so going to miss you, and I won’t be at youth tonight to say good-bye to you. So I will right now. Good-bye. I’ll miss you.

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