Home again

I am home, safe and not quite sound… not sound because my back is in shambles from carrying 50 pounds of weight around on my back for the past week. Other than that, I’m doing well.

Clay and I got back on Thursday night, and have been just laying low and trying to get over our jet lag since then. Getting our flights home changed to come back early was a bit stressful at times….it was fine from Frankfurt to Toronto, but for some odd reason, all the flights to Saskatoon from the Tdot were full for like 2 days. Seriously, who comes to Saskatoon?? I guess people are wising up to the fact that this is the place to be. So we were on standby and praise be to God, we got on the first flight somehow. Lots of prayer. I still have rug-burn.

So now I am going to still take a few weeks off work and just re-evaluate the way I’m doing things here. I know there are some changes in store for the way life at home looks for me, so I need to prayerfully consider what those things are. I might *might* head over to Winnipeg this week for a quick visit, then out to Edmonton next weekend to take Clay back to his family for a while….before I take him away again. Mwahahaha :)

Cheers, I’ll probably be seeing a lot of you around soon.

9 Responses to “Home again”

  1. martens Says:

    welcome home, kim!!

  2. Jess Says:

    Kim! I’ve seen you a couple times but my efforts to wave were fruitless. Anyways, welcome back!

  3. Neely Says:

    Good to have you back! Get some rest :)

  4. Ashley G Says:

    Hey Kim. Welcome back to good old Saskatchewan. I hope to see you soon.

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