Divine Appointment

I love the way God orchestrates “chance” meetings with people: where you just have to laugh, shake your head (along with your perma-smile) and go, “Lord, you are so funny for putting this person in my path right now! Thank you!”

Today, I had been craving some Silk soymilk pretty much all day. Partly because it’s soooo good, and partly because I have to get more calcium or I’m going to have a hunchback and broken bones prematurely (so says my chiropractor). Anyway, I finally caved and drove to Superstore on my way to Clay’s (actually it wasn’t on the way at all, but I really wanted some soymilk!) I picked up my carton, flying high. As I was walking through the produce section, who was standing there selecting some choice corn ears but my wonderful drama/industrial arts teacher, Mr. Reed! Ah! I love this guy! So we chatted for about five minutes and…….I’m just in awe of the Lord’s work in this man. I don’t even know what to say. He is being transformed. And I love the Lord for it. He introduced me to his wife, we chatted for a bit yet, and then I was on my way again. Grinning like a cheshire (sp?) cat. God is so amazing. He works in so many gazillion ways and I’m so in awe. Mr. Reed, picking corn. Who but God could have arranged things so perfectly?!

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