Ashes to ashes…

My dad’s family has been in a sort of turmoil for as long as I can remember. I don’t really know half my uncles and aunts in the sense that my brothers and sisters do, because by the time I came along, things were pretty rocky in the family. I know of the bad things and the hurts, not much of the good times before the storm.
One of my uncles passed away early this week. An uncle I had met only a handful of times. A man of whom all I knew was that he has four children, was divorced, and had trouble with the bottle. It tore his life apart.
Upon hearing of his passing, my thoughts were a mixed bag. A touch of sadness at never having known him but mostly feeling nothing, and wishing I felt something. Wishing I knew where his soul was at.
I went to the funeral mostly to support my dad, and I left having met with the living God.
My uncle’s life now is a glorious testament of what I understand the grace of God to be.
I was able to hear people reminisce of the wonderful man he was when alcohol didn’t have a hold on him. A man of love and laughter and a heart desiring peace in the world. A man who trusted in the Lord. A man who had a disease of alcoholism, and has now finally found healing from his infirmity. A man whom I will see in heaven.

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  1. Ashley G Says:

    Hey Kim, your wedding was gorgeous! I’m expecting a blog from Kim Bitner with a bit about married life in it. Ha, ha. See you around!

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