Let my faith arise

(From “Faith” by Jason Upton)

I’m raising up the shield of faith
And the sword of the Lord
I’m believing on your word Lord
I’m trusting in the words that You said
And I’m waiting on You
I’m waiting on You.

And I’m rejoicing in the fact that the Bible says that You are my victorious warrior
You’re the one who fights for me
I don’t have to fight anymore
You’re the one that fights for me oh Lord
My faith is rising,
my faith is rising,
my faith is rising.

A week and a half ago, I was offered a job as the assistant manager for a store that I volunteer at once a week. Assistant Manager! Me! I was walking on air. How rediculous is that, really? I haven’t been to college, I have no experience in working retail (aside from my knowledge of how to use a cash register from years of work at Burger King). And here I am being offered assistant manager, because my manager likes what she sees in me, thinks we work well together, and thinks that I am the right person for the job. Talk about a boost in my self confidence. I took the weekend to think it over, and the answer was a resounding yes.

The Lord spoke over me that weekend and affirmed to me that it was the right step for me to take:
“Kim, do you remember six months ago when you had the choice to either take this volunteer position or else work part time at a coffee shop? You were obedient in following me here, where there was no money for your pocket. This is why I called you to volunteer and not work, six months ago. I planned this. Aren’t I cool?” (“Yes Lord, you’re SO cool!”)
“Kim, you know how you could never figure out what you wanted to go to post-secondary school for? You thought you’d just be wasting your money and time on an education you’d never use because you could never stick to the same career aspiration for more than a month. So you never went to school. This is why. I planned that. I planned it so that you would be here in this moment. I made you to be the right person for the job, experience/education aside.”

So I went to see my manager and told her I would take the job. We settled that I would start on December 1. She called me back that day and said, “Since you’re going to be working more than half-time, the organization that started the store needs to approve you for the position. So that just means that you have to fill out an application form and be interviewed by them to make sure you are the kind of person they want working here. It won’t be a big deal at all, but something that needs to be done.”

So I thought….”do I give my notice at my current job already, since I don’t know for sure if I am getting this other job?” I heard God saying, “Yes, trust me on this, I’m going to take care of things. Take this step and trust me.” So I did. I gave three weeks notice at Central Haven. As of November 30, I will no longer be employed there.

I still have not heard back about my application. After hours of stressing out about how to answer the essay questions about some of my beliefs and convictions, I am still waiting for my call to set up an interview. I don’t know if I will have a job in two weeks. Despite this, I can truly say that the Lord is good and is looking out for me. I am still trusting the Lord.

Lord, let my faith arise. I’m trusting in the words that you said. And I’m waiting on you. I’m waiting on you.

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  1. hailey Says:

    i love this song. good thoughts hon.

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