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Thank you Lord

Monday, December 20th, 2004

As of last week, I am officially hired. Woohoo! I am now the Assistant Manager for one of the Ten Thousand Villages stores here in Saskatoon. Praise you Lord. Why do I ever doubt?!

It was kinda funny…when I went to my interview I was stressing about whether I was going to be able to say the right thing and get my views across on a couple of issues, and when I got there, my interviewer said, “I really appreciated the way you answered the essay questions on the application form. You explained yourself very well [in the question that I was freaking out over]. Usually I have to spend some time during the interview going over that question with people again, but you were so well thought out that we don’t even need to go there.” Lord, why do I ever doubt you?!

I’m having a grand December. Thank goodness Christmas isn’t all about presents. What a wretched holiday it would be if that’s all it was. Thank you Jesus, thank you Lord, for coming to be our saving babe.