Yesterday found me longing for change. Big change. Like a move. Big move.
I have lived here my entire life. I could navigate my way around this city in my sleep. Everywhere I look, there are memories. Some memories are good; many, I would like to forget. I wish I could go somewhere and have a fresh start. Get lost. Get to know new people because I have to. Explore. My family here would really be the only difficult thing to leave behind.
But where I am right now is where I am supposed to be. The Lord hasn’t told me or Clay otherwise. So here we will stay. And I’ll rejoice here because God is good and will have my praise no matter how I feel.

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  1. Jude Says:

    You and Clay are most welcome to come and try out Vancouver for a while! There is a TTV store here that would knock your socks off and as Clay already knows, Tech is booming in Vancouver. Check it out with God first but know that you are always welcome here with us!

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