Anyone out there?

I don’t think anyone reads this blog anymore, but in case someone does, here’s a small update on my life.

I have 4 more weeks left until my due date. Our babe is coming very very soon!
He is kicking like crazy, to the point that it hurts at times. Crazy kid! I can’t wait to meet him.
I get heartburn almost every day, and my hips hurt all the time. I hope these last 4 weeks pass relatively quickly.
And at the same time, I hope they pass slowly, because I have no idea what to expect and want to hang on to life as I know it as long as possible.

I am all finished work, and mostly enjoying the time off to relax and clean. I love cleaning.
It’s nice to not go to work everyday. I wonder how they are coping without Janelle and I there. Hope all is well.

My sister Jean (and her family) are in the process of adopting a gorgeous baby girl named Julia. Can’t wait to meet her!
Caitlin is getting married in May, allowing me to exercise my enviable ushering skills once more. Can’t wait, I’m sure it will be a beautiful and fabulous wedding.
Mom and Dad are talking about selling their acreage again, which presents me with having to give my dog away. But Kel and Sher’s friends want to take her to live with them on their acreage, so that consoles me somewhat. I know I have to give her up because she would go crazy if I tried to make her live in the city with us. Sometimes loving someone means having to give them up, right? :(

Time to go pick up Clay for lunch.
Cheers. (Water, of course).

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  1. hailey Says:

    i still read this kim. im so excited that you baby is almost here!!! are you saying “him for kicks or do you know something i dont know? maybe im just out of the loop…quite possibly.

  2. Kim Says:

    I know something you don’t know… :P
    Well, I guess you know now.
    We found out it’s a boy, because my sister Jean stole our name we had picked out for a girl (Julia) and we didn’t want to have to find another girl name if we didn’t have to, because it’s really tough to find good girls’ names!

    I hope you’re doing ok. I haven’t talked to you in so long! Take care.

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