No Elastic!

I just want to share my exciting news that I am only 6 pounds away from being my pre-pregnancy weight! Horray! And I’m wearing a pair of pre-pregnancy pants! Yes, they were loose on me before, but the fact that I am wearing something that isn’t elasticized is extremely exciting to this momma!

2 Responses to “No Elastic!”

  1. Dana Says:

    wow Kim! Good Job! That’s exciting. It’s been less than a month!!!Hope things are going well. I’ll give you a call sometime in the next couple weeks, it’d be nice to chat about everything. Take Care – Dana

  2. caitlin Says:

    Congrats on the real pants! Yay! If you were here, we could have a pants party…or wait, maybe not. Anyway, keep hanging in there. Summer is almost here, and then youth will be done, and Clay will be home in the evenings more. Love you!

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