No news isn’t always good news

We still haven’t sold our house. There have been many lookers, but no one has made us an offer yet. There are two weeks left until our offer on the Dalmeny house expires, so we are praying and praying that something will happen soon.

In other news, our neighbor here is driving me crazy. She has this annoying little rat dog (well it’s actually a poodle, but in our eyes it’s a rat) that she allows to defecate all over the sidewalk that runs between our houses. All winter, she didn’t pick up after the thing once, resulting in less than favourable conditions when the snow melted. Hah, here I am trying to sound all diplomatic about the situation when really I’m so grossed out and offended. So we reported her to the city because they have a bylaw stating that pet owners must clean up after their pets “on their own property on a regular basis in order to prevent unsanitary and unpleasant conditions from developing.” We didn’t have an exact time that the “offense” occured (who wants to perch on their window and watch for a dog relieving itself?!) so they said they could only give her a warning, so we assumed they had done so.

All summer she has been allowing things to pile up again. She has swept up a few times, but seriously, letting it sit there for a week or more? That is GROSS! So on Saturday I went to talk to her. I told her we were having an open house on Sunday and wondered if she would clean up the mess because it might be a turn off to potential buyers. Do you know what she had the nerve to say to me? “Well I could…. but she’s just going to go again and there will be more there tomorrow.” I stood there, stunned, wondering if I had heard correctly. Yes, that’s definitely what she said. Shocked, I just said thanks, and went back inside.

So now I sit and wait, perched at my window, watching for a dog relieving itself. Sadly, it has come to this. I didn’t want to report her again without talking to her first and seeing if we could settle this between us, but she obviously doesn’t see any problem with what she’s doing, which is completely disgusting to me. I will note the next time I see that dog going, and a report will be in order very shortly. Maybe having to pay a fine for her rude behavior will change things. Then again, maybe not. We can only hope.

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