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Back to School

Wednesday, August 30th, 2006


It’s the moooost wonderful tiiiiime of the year!

School supplies make me giddy. They are one of my pleasures in life. I always loved going shopping with my mom. I go bananas for binders. I party with my pens and pencils. Hallelujah for highlighters. I’m wacky for Wite-Out. Dividers. Pencil crayons. Glue sticks. Scissors. Erasers, rulers, calculators, staplers!!! I long to peruse the aisles at Staples and fill my cart to the brim with every wonderful school supply that tickles my heart, and says in a sweet little voice, “Aren’t I SO cool? Take me home with you!” Oh, for a reason to buy all those fun little friends.

Alas, I’m not going back to school. I have no excuse to spend our hard earned money on un-needed supplies. But don’t confuse un-needed with unwanted! Maybe I should start a business where I buy supplies for everyone going back to school who hates the very thought of the task! Why haven’t I thought of this before?! Don’t most people in the world hate shopping for school supplies? I’ll make millions!

Funky smells and demolition

Tuesday, August 8th, 2006

How thankful I am that God knows what I need better than I do.
Our offer on the Dalmeny house expired on July 31, and we wanted to take a second look at it before we tried to extend the offer.
Well after a month of wondering why our house was not selling, we finally have an answer: because that house was not what God wanted for us. There were so many things that didn’t look good when we took a second look. My dad came along to offer a trained, critical eye, and we were not impressed with what we saw. Funky smells, no vapour barrier in the attic, mold, mysterious basement walls, old furnace and water heater, haywire setups, awkward kitchen… All in all, weird. With money it could be a nice place, but that’s money we don’t have. We are so thankful God did not send a buyer for our house, and we learned a valuable lesson: always look twice before making an offer, and bring Dad along the second time!
So we may be living in the city for a while yet. Markus has a few years before we need to worry about sending him to a good school, so we have some time.

Speaking of spending money to make a house look good, Dad has quite the project on his hands. Clay and I went out to help him yesterday on the house he and Mom bought. It’s only about 40 years old, but the people who lived in it before just ran it into the ground: I wonder if that house had been cleaned in 20 years. Everything looked absolutely awful, but Dad knows a good house when he sees one. He bought it for a song, and is in the process of fixing it up. I must say, demolition is fun work. I spent the morning cleaning up a floor that he ripped out upstairs, and tearing out tack strips and casing. The more that gets pulled out of there, the better it looks. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.