What do you do when….

– the bones in your back feel like eggshells grinding together?
– your toes are like frozen little sausages and you can’t put them in the microwave?
– your baby is asleep, so you have no one to entertain you?
– it’s too cold to wear short pants?
– you have no bathroom door?
– you feel like snacking all the time?
– everything fun costs money (ie: a trip to Tim Horton’s, new clothes, a new house!), and you have no money to spend?

-you have nothing interesting or valuable to talk about?

2 Responses to “What do you do when….”

  1. karina Says:

    snacking all the time…this is why it’s good that i have a job that doesn’t allow me to eat while i’m working…or at least not really. of course there’s always a candy stash on someone’s desk that is way too tempting but i’m pretty good at eating a candy and serving customers at the same time…haha. i’m sorry to hear about your toes too. do you have one of those wheat bags or whatever they’re called that you can warm up in the microwave? jason and i just call ours “that thing”. it’s like this: jason: “karina, have you seen that thing?” karina: “yeah, i think it’s under the bed” or wherever we dropped it last…anyway, kim, i hope you have a great weekend. see you tomorrow :)

  2. Lindsay Says:

    eat healthy snacks and pee quietly?

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