First Look

Baby Bitner

Does it sound weird to think that the baby in this picture is cute? Well I do. I went in for my 18 week ultrasound yesterday and the radiologist told us that I’m actually only 15 weeks into my pregnancy – my new due date is July 24. I guess it’s nice to find out now instead of in July when I’m huge, but it still feels like we are adding weeks to the pregnancy: like I am carrying this baby for 3 extra weeks. Well Jean, you just might get your wish of having this baby be born on your birthday. Or maybe on Mom’s, though I’d rather not wait until then!

I finished taking my diclectin on the weekend and thought I’d be okay without more: boy was I wrong. Monday evening I could keep nothing in my stomach, so off to the doctor I went on Tuesday for more drugs. Knowing that I am only 15 weeks makes more sense with my sickness though, because with Markus I was sick until I was 4 months along. Hopefully once I hit the 4 month mark with this baby the nausea and tossing cookies will be gone too.

2 Responses to “First Look”

  1. Dana Says:

    AWWW! He looks adorable! (Hoping it’s a boy!)
    Cannot wait to meet this baby. Sorry you have to wait longer – that’s annoying!
    Take Care (and your diclectin!)

  2. Janelle Says:

    congratulations!!!!! wow, you are brave having two little ones so close together!!! i agree – it does look pretty cute already! :)

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