Tim Horton

Woohooooo! RRRoll up the Rim to Win is back! I love this time of year. As of late Clay has got me hooked on an extra large coffee with half English Toffee cappuccino and triple cream, and now I get the chance to win stuff when I buy it. It’s better than buying a lotto ticket because I actually have a delicious coffee to show for my money instead of a useless piece of paper when I don’t win. I don’t really expect to even win a donut, but the possibility of the Camry Hybrid is there. If I won it I’d sell it and probably buy our much dreamed about Protege 5. But as I said, I don’t expect to even win a donut. Though if I did, I’d probably go with the double chocolate. Ahhhhh, it tastes good to live in Canada.

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