The Birthday Boy


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  1. Shannon Ohmann Says:

    Hi Kim (and Clay)
    It\’s Shannon Ohmann, Shawn\’s wife. I happened to come across your site, and have to say that Marcus is the CUTEST thing I\’ve ever seen, and no, I\’m not just being nice….just stating a fact! When I was scrolling through I noticed the post about lurkers, so I just wanted to announce myself so I\’M NOT CREEPY :) I also read the post about losing touch with people, and it is so sad, but so true. I just realized that we haven\’t really seen you guys since our WEDDING two years ago!
    Congrats on the upcoming arrival, Shawn and I are so excited for you both!
    Anyway, the above website I put on there is still a work in progress, and no where NEAR complete, but if you\’re ever wondering what\’ happening in the life of the Ohmann\’s, you can see the pictures there.
    Take care you guys!
    Shannon (and Shawn too!)

  2. Kim Says:

    Wow, it\’s so nice to hear from you Shannon! Thanks for thinking Markus is the cutest ever: I would have to agree :) Maybe next time we get to Edmonton we\’ll have to try to get together.

  3. Nicole Says:

    Hey Kim! I was thinking about you guys this week! Wow, one year old already. He is just so adorable! And congrats on number 2…HELLO! wow! Happy Birthday! There is still…about 39 minutes left until it’s my brother’s birthday. What a time. Your family looks great!

  4. Steph Anderson Says:

    whaaaat number 2!? as if!
    hey happy birthday little man. your kid is too cute for words im pretty sure

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