Hating On Jack Layton

After the last federal election, I somehow had the misfortune of getting on Jack Layton’s mailing list. You know the kind of mailings you get from your MP updating you on what’s going on in Ottawa and asking for feedback on certain issues or whatever else might be on your mind. Normally when I get mail I don’t want I just write RTS on it and pop it back in the mailbox, but these envelopes don’t have a return address. So when that first mailing showed up I sent the attached form back telling him to take me off his mailing list because I don’t support him or his party and I never will. A few months later another envelope showed up. I did the same thing. A few months later, the same thing. This has been going on for over a year now, and I still have not been removed from the mailing list. Arg! Is this how he treats all of Canada’s thoughts that he receives in the mail? Honestly, if ever I had a shred of respect for the party (which I didn’t) it certainly would be gone. How can you take a man at his word on big issues if he won’t even listen to a simple request (x6) to remove someone from his mailing list? Sorry Jacky, you haven’t won my vote over from Steve yet.

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