A Shoe Update


Behold, my perfect pair of round toed heels have come to me at last. These are the shoes I was dreaming about in my post a few months ago: I thought they didn’t have my size, but I went back and tried them on again, and they fit! Now my only problem is that I pretty much have to wait until after I deliver this blessed baby before I can wear them because I have so much back pain and my center of gravity is being thrown into another stratosphere. Anything but flats are basically out of the question. In fact, I am seriously considering buying a new pair of Holey Soles because my feet and back have been so sore lately and those seem to be the only shoes that provide some relief. I suppose I will swallow my new found shoe pride and don the hopelessly unfashionable holey foam clogs in an effort to save my body some anguish. I really love you, baby.

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  1. karina Says:

    Beautiful shoes! Now you have something else to look forward to besides baby :)

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