What A Whirlwind!

As some of you may remember, we tried selling our house in the city in an attempt to move to Dalmeny last summer, with the end result being that we lost the house in Dalmeny because we couldn’t find a buyer for our home.

Fast forward one year, and the real estate market is BOOMING. We found a place in Dalmeny, a mobile home on a massive lot, and bought it with the intention of building a house on the lot and getting rid of the trailer. So all that remained was the need for us to sell our house. Most of me was confident it would sell fast, but a small part nagged at me, thinking, “What if we have a repeat of last year?”. Obviously I need not have worried.

We listed on Thursday, had showings all day yesterday, and entertained offers yesterday evening at 7. I was in complete shock at what our realtor thought we could list our house for (since we listed at $40,000 higher than our asking price last year), and I’m in even more shock at the final offer we accepted. We entertained offers about our list price. I can’t believe it! We just have to wait a week for the buyer to have her mortgage finalized and the deal will be done.

We knew God must have had a reason for keeping us from moving last summer, but this is just incredible. Now we’ll not only be able to move where we wanted to, but we’re going to be able to build a brand new house! Unbelievable! Thank you Lord.

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  1. karina Says:

    yay yay yay :) i hadn’t heard about your house selling so fast :) that is wonderful. hopefully everything will be finalized and go through smoothly and quickly for you guys! how terrific :)

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