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T Minus 2 Days And Counting…

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

What does the T in a “T minus…” countdown even stand for? I don’t know, I just said it because I heard it somewhere before.
Anyway…. we are moving in 2 days! The past two weeks have been filled with packing, packing, and more packing. Everyone said I’d be shocked at how much stuff was actually crammed into this little house, and they were definitely right. I’m not a pack-rat, and I thought an 800 square foot house would not lend itself to holding much stuff, especially when it lacks closets as ours does. I was wrong. It’s really incredible how much stuff we have. I’m inspired to throw half of it out, but I won’t. For some reason I think I might need a few clothes, dishes, a couch, and shampoo in the not so distant future.

So here’s hoping it won’t be raining on Saturday, that Mom and Dad will be back in time to lend their hands, truck and trailer, that Markus will have fun with Dana and Oliver and even have a nap while he’s there (is it possible??), that the guys will all still be on speaking terms with us after moving our piano, that we are able to move everything in a small amount of trips, and that our new home will be (and continue to be) insect, spider, and rodent free. (HUUUUUGE fear!)

It’s A Boy!

Thursday, August 9th, 2007

Well after a week of waiting for baby Bitner number 2, I was finally induced. August 1 saw us heading off to the hospital to see if we couldn’t do something about coaxing our precious child out of his warm and comfortable home so that we could finally meet him. I will spare you of all the details as I’m sure there are some who read this that really don’t want to know :) I’ll just say that once labour finally got going, it went fast! By the time I got an epidural and was waiting for it to start working I reeeeally needed to push and ended up delivering without the help of any drugs. Who knew I had it in me? I certainly didn’t believe I did, but I was proven wrong! I gave birth to a healthy not-so-little boy: Wyatt Albert Bitner, who weighed 9lb 2oz! After it was over I felt so energized: I felt that after that, there was nothing I couldn’t do. I hope that determined resolve stays with me when Clay goes back to work next week and I will be left with the task (and joy, don’t get me wrong) of entertaining Markus and looking after Wyatt all alone. It has been so awesome to have Clay here to help with Markus and keep him entertained. I know Markus is going to be pretty sad about Daddy having to go back to work because he’s having so much fun with him, and I just pray that he will adjust to life somewhat gracefully when Daddy can’t be here all the time to play.

So here are a few pictures, one of me and Wyatt, and the other of our whole family :)

Kim & Wyatt

Bitner Family