Of Accidents, Undies, and Smarties


Well it’s been about 3 weeks since we started potty training and Markus is doing awesome! Lots of laundry, some tears, lots of praise, Smarties, and determination and we are through the tunnel and squinting in the bright light of making it to the other side!

At the start I thought I’d be cleaning up accidents for the rest of my life. I questioned our timing with starting this process because a lot of the parenting “experts” these days say you should let your child decide when it’s time to potty train: sometimes waiting until they’re as old as four. (Are you KIDDING me??! There’s no way I will change diapers that long!) I questioned my ability as a mother to be patient, kind, gentle and gracious as my limits were tested in a serious way. I questioned my son’s ability to figure it out, but he proved his brilliance once again. He now only wears a diaper at night and is already waking up dry some mornings. He hasn’t had an accident in days and usually when he says he’s had an accident it’s only about two drops that have made his undies wet. He doesn’t even fight us about doing “the pooping jrob” anymore! I can’t believe how quickly he’s made this transition. I’m so proud of our big boy!

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  1. Jude Says:

    Yeah Markus!!! What an amazing accomplishment! Welcome to the world of no more yucky stuff in your private places. We are so proud of you!!!!! Love Uncle Rob, Auntie Jude and your proud cousin Anna.

  2. Prairie Chick Says:

    Ohhhh, yay! This is going to be me soon with my 19 month old (I hope since I have a new one arriving in a few months!) Just waiting for the weather to warm up so he can go around without pants on first! Summer training is so much easier! Thanks for “coming over” hope to get to know you more, your blog layout is beautiful!

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