The World Revolves Around Me. ps: I hate you. …and other nonsense.

As I read blogs one thing consistently drives me up the wall: people who take themselves too seriously. Those people who try way too hard to be contemplative. Or independent. Or poetically indifferent to life. And they just end up sounding ridiculous. While I think I’m against independence, I’m not against thought, art or poetry. I just don’t think people should take themselves or their “problems” so seriously. Is it really a matter of life and death if someone failed to realize that the world revolves around you and accidentally cut you off in traffic? (By the way, the world doesn’t revolve around you). Or the beatnik who tries to find a hidden poetic meaning in that pop bottle abandoned on a park bench. Maybe the person who left it there was a little preoccupied with something else and didn’t actually leave it there as a not so subtle message that they think recycling is evil and that they hate you. They most likely do not.

And maybe I should stop reading said blogs? I’ll contemplate that ;)

Today was fun. We did some running around in the city, including a quick stop at the Farmer’s Market. The peppers there are out of this world! After our errands were done we headed up to the lake to hang out with my dad for a few hours. My mom is away at a family reunion with my grandparents and dad was camping solo so went to keep him company for a little while. It was a lot of fun and the boys had a blast playing in the water even though the wind was a little nippy. They were exhausted when we drove home and fell asleep almost instantly. Hopefully they’ll have a sound sleep tonight so Clay and I can get some much needed rest.

Working through some new Driscoll books, A Book You’ll Actually Read On The Old Testament and …On The New Testament. Really good, informative, insightful, easy reads. Highly recommend them. Also reading Radical Reformission, which is extremely challenging. I think I’m on chapter two and can already tell it’s going to be one of those books I’m going to need to read again and again because there is so much convicting stuff in it. Also reading the Bible, it’s my most highly recommended read. It’s about God, his name is Jesus, he’ll change your life.

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    I’m not sure whether to wince or LOL =)

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