The Narrow Way


I begin my review of bad SoD (the name of my discipleship school, I’m not dropping UK F-bombs here…) theology with the idea of truth. The dude who spoke to us about truth was a guy named Chris. I’m going mainly from my review notes written shortly after his lectures. Although I strayed later, at the time I had a firm grasp of what (many) words of his were false…

His main thought, at least what I walked away with as the strongest thought in my mind, is that God’s mercy is infinitely wide. He believes that if your goal in life is to seek truth and you lead a good life, then that is seeking God and you will go to heaven. This is regardless of whether you have consciously accepted Jesus as your Savior: because everyone has already been saved by the cross, and salvation is not something you have to ask for–not a reward for repentance. Salvation belongs to everyone. Thus states the gospel of Chris.

Listening to Chris, I wanted to ask so many questions, but I couldn’t make any semblance of sense from my thoughts. With everything he said, a party of my theology; my faith; my life was being attacked. It would be nice to believe that any road seeking “good” and “truth” leads to heaven. My heart would like to believe that but my mind cannot. Everything I’ve been taught since I was born would be wrong if what Chris was saying were true. So much scripture speaks against what he was saying. Among other passages, Romans 10:9-10, Ephesians 2:8-9, and Matthew 7:13-14 contradict his “truth”.

Chris said he couldn’t believe in a God that would be so narrow as to not allow a “good” person into heaven. I think that’s backwards. It is not God that is narrow, but people. We have turned our backs on God, too narrow minded to realize his love and forgiveness, too proud to repent. God’s mercy is wide. Mankind’s pride hinders us from truly benefiting from that mercy and grace.

I did feel pretty much attacked by what Chris said, but I think that is ultimately a good thing. I have been spoon-fed my beliefs my entire life: I knew what I believed, but until now, I didn’t really know why I believed it. Chris’ ideas pushed me to dig into the Word and find out where my knowledge of truth comes from and I am grateful for that. In this world of relativity, people seem to believe that there is no absolute truth, but I don’t believe that. Jesus is absolute Truth. His saving power is absolute. And confessing He is Lord and believing God raised Him from the dead is absolutely the only way to get to heaven.

How did I go from knowing God’s Truth to believing the very lie Chris was speaking? Shortly after coming home and surrounding myself with “Po-Mo’s”, becoming disenchanted with the “Institutional Church” and wading into the house church underworld, I found myself being sucked into the lie. One-ism. All roads lead to heaven. All are saved. All religions are seeking truth, therefore, will find it. Nobody knows what the real truth is. There is no “big T” truth, only “little t” truths. What’s right for you but wrong for me is still right because it’s your truth.

It’s nonsense! It’s demonic. It’s exactly what the Enemy wants Christians to believe. If he can immobilize the Church by making us debate that which is not debatable (Is there really a Hell? Is homosexuality wrong? Isn’t it sexist to say women shouldn’t be pastors?) and convince us that ours is one truth in a sea of truths, all of which lead to Christ, we have bought into the Deceiver’s scheme. When we believe there is no Truth, then the Jesus we say we follow is not the Jesus of the Bible. The real Jesus is the Truth! He is the way!! Those who gather to make war against Him will be slain with the sword that comes from His mouth! (Revelation 19:11-21) Jesus will not welcome unredeemed sinners into His Father’s house. That would be unjust. He is Just, and He has mercy on us: enough mercy to leave His home in glory to become a man and die for us. His resurrection gives us life.

3 Responses to “The Narrow Way”

  1. Becky Says:

    Good for you for seeking out the stuff holding you back and kicking it out of your heart. It is so important for us to examine what we beleive:)

  2. Raelynn Says:

    I understand that “Po-moism” can be a very destructive thing, but I think like all of us we get to a point where we ask ourselves why do we believe what we believe. A lot of the people who follow post-modern “theology” are really just disillusioned with the church and what its leaders have to offer.

  3. Raelynn Says:

    They sense deep within that there is something more to this Christianity thing and know how to break down what they see is lacking. However, they have little knowledge of how to rebuild and they turn to some potentially harmful ideas. I think that God allows us to go into that territory sometimes to search deeper as to why we believe this “spoon fed” Christianity. Ideally if we stay in a territory of relative truth for a long time, it can be dangerous, we can allow a lot of things into our lives that can do us harm. I think that God allows us to enter that territory and even encourages it in some cases to allow our walls of who He really is to be broken down and in search for truth begin tapping into God himself to learn who He, the Truth, is and not solely base our ideas of who he is on what man has told us. Not that our pastors and leaders have been deceiving us intentionally, but they are human and they have built their ideas of who God is from a mix of their own experience and what their leaders had taught them who are also fleshly and have brought their own ideas, assumptions and interpretations into. So my hope is that for Chris, this phase of his life will only lead him to break down what is not of God but that he would find that the only truth is in God (Father, Son, Holy Spirit). And I bless you in your journey to dig deeper in your faith!

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