As of late, in part

I’m so lame when it comes to updating my blog. Apologies!

Summer is drawing to a close and with that comes a huge sigh of relief. I don’t like the heat. Actually this year was the most tolerable summer I’ve experienced in a long time, and I am extremely grateful for our A/C. We thought we would absolutely fry in this tin can of a house so we bought 3 window A/C units and put one in the living room, one in our room and one in the boys’ room. We were so comfortable all summer long! But I love fall. September is probably my favourite month. It’s the perfect temperature and the leaves are all changing…. a person should get married in September. Hmm, I’m pretty smart for having done that ;)

I just sent our summer cards out last week. We’re starting a new family tradition. Last Christmas we went to the Superstore portrait studio to have pictures taken so we could send out some Christmas cards. All the photos we’ve seen from there in the past were really well done but we couldn’t get one good one. The photographer was pretty psycho and totally freaked Markus out so rather than spending a whack of money on cards that I didn’t like we just axed the idea. A few months ago I had a brilliant idea: why not send a family photo out in the summer when I’m not busy with shopping, baking, decorating, and whatever else makes a person go insane in December? So my little (22 year old) brother (in-law) took some fabulous photos for us in July and Clay added a greeting on it, we printed them at Costco and voila! Our first Hopefully Annual Bitner Summer Card.

Three cheers for Club Sobeys!!! If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you no doubt know that I love Sobeys and loathe Superstore. I’ve actually been shopping at Superstore a little more recently because they seem to have lower prices, but every time I do I walk out with a $200 cart full of groceries and wonder, “How did I just save money on groceries when I spent twice what I would have at Sobeys?” The prices may be a bit lower but I think I’m then fooled into buying more. Way more than I would have at Sobeys, not saving any money at all in the long run. Now when you spend money at Sobeys you earn club points and can redeem them for money off your purchase, much like PC Points at Superstore without having to shop at *grits teeth* Superstore. I love you Sobeys. I love you very much.

We have a huge load of apples from Mom and Dad’s apple trees again, so I spent the morning making apple pie today. Can’t wait to eat them! I only used half the bag of apples they gave me and apparently there are many more. I’m sure Clay won’t object to more pie in the coming weeks. I wonder if Clay likes September for the apple pies.

The last few elections we’ve had I’ve thought it would be nice to work at the polls and earn a little extra money. Being a stay at home mom doesn’t pay very well (not in dollars anyway :) and this seems like a pretty sweet gig. How great a job it is remains to be seen but I got the job. I go for training on the 30th and then will be working the election on the 14th of October. Go Harper go!!!

Hmmm….what else is new? My dishwasher finally works, thanks to my father-in-law. When we moved here last September the DW leaked and Pa had tried a few things to fix it but it kept leaking. I really didn’t care as I’ve gotten totally used to washing dishes all the time and almost find using a dishwasher to be as much work, if not more, as washing by hand. He couldn’t comprehend how I could survive without a dishwasher though, and tried a new fix every few months. It works now, without leaking all over my kitchen floor. And I rarely use it. It’s nice to have though when I’ve spent a day baking and have a mountain of dishes, but most days I forget it’s even there. There’s something calming and therapeutic about having your hands in a warm, soapy sink. I know, I’m weird.

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  1. Becky Says:

    What a lovely family you have! NICE PIC!

  2. Dana Says:

    Love the family photo! Thanks btw!
    Think I might have to join that Sobeys club…

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