Oh January. The cold lingers, the forecasted warm days never seem to arrive and we are constantly covered in a new layer of snow. But I dare any of you to complain about the amount of snow we’ve had after seeing this:
This is my sister’s house in Vancouver, and she and her daughter standing in front of the snowbank beside their driveway. Isn’t that unbelievable?? Every time I look at these photos I have to pick my jaw up off the floor.

We finally put our Christmas tree and all the decorations away on Saturday and it feels so nice to have more room in the house again. I love putting it all up and I love taking it all down :) The multitude of toys in our house have been sorted and I’ve got a bag full that are ready to head out the door (Ang, one of these Mondays I’ll remember to send it with Clay, along with your flip flops. Though I’m sure you’re not really missing them at this point!)

A week and a half ago our van wouldn’t start, which ended up being thanks to me. Whoops! I sort of have a bad memory for unplugging the block heater and I drove away with the van plugged in twice this winter. Apparently it fried because of a bad cord connection so we had to have a new one installed. I like to think I’ll remember to unplug from now on! I still need to make myself a big “Unplug!!” sticker for the steering wheel.

So…our place is still for sale. Anyone know someone who wants an affordable home in a small town only 20 minutes from the city? We could totally hook you up :)

My parents have been gone for three weeks now, only three more months until they come home! It’s so weird to not have them around and it makes me so thankful that they don’t always live far away. It will be so nice to have them back in April! If you guys are online yet and reading this, we miss you a lot! I sure hope you’re enjoying your 25-30 degree weather!

2 Responses to “Snow!!”

  1. Becky Says:

    Wow, BC really did get the snow!

    I am so excited about finally having some grandparents near by. Garnet’s folks are moving here this weekend and will be only a few blocks from us!!! Grandparent’s are so wonderful! Every family can use the help of relatives!

    Hope your van starts soon. Had to have mine fixed but it was cuz our cord cracked in the summer heat. Karla said they also had to replace theres!

    I feel so terrible when I drive before unplugging…


  2. Angie Says:

    It would be fabulous to bring them to the Bridge!! Thanks Kim!

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