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A photoless post of contemplation

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

No posts in almost three months. I’m pretty good at this blogging thing, eh? So good in fact, that I’ve been wondering if I should just take this thing down. I don’t know. I haven’t written anything in so long in part because I have been questioning what my motivation is for doing so. Do I blog because I need to write something down and get it off my chest so that I can process my thoughts? If so, why not do it in a journal where the world can’t read it? Do I blog to update people on how my life is going and to let you know what I’m learning and struggling with? If so, why not tell you in person? Or do I blog because I want affirmation…do I want people to pat my virtual back and tell me things I want to hear so that I can feel better about myself? If so, then that’s a dumb motivation to blog. If that’s what motivates me I guess I should stop blogging, or change my motivation. What is a good motivation to blog? What’s yours?