“Build her a cake or something…”

Okay I know, I’m super bad at updating. I don’t think I’m going to apologize though. I’m relieved that when life gets busy, it’s my blog that gets neglected and not something important like feeding my family or doing the laundry. Not that I’m always up to speed on those things. There are times I’m desperate for Clay to bring subs home for supper, and days when Clay has to gently remind me to wash some clothes because he’s running out of socks and underwear. But hey, I’m not blogging while those things are going on so I’d say I’m on the right track.

goldie It’s little BIL’s birthday today, and because Markus loves cake, he offered to bake Uncle Cody a birthday cake :) We spent the morning in the kitchen making carrot cake, and since the kitchen was already dirty and I had overripe bananas on the counter I whipped up a loaf of banana bread too. It’s all sitting on the counter, cake is waiting to be built once I make cream cheese icing. YUM. And I don’t even need to cook tonight, as Clay’s grandparents are having us all for supper! Woohoo! I’m looking forward to packing up the cake in my vintage Tupperware cake taker for its maiden voyage out of my kitchen (it’s gold, what else is there to say?) and feasting at Nanny and Poppa’s.

Construction is coming along next door: the last house to be built on our street. My dad is a contractor and I spent a lot of my childhood “helping” on his job sites. Most of that time was spent building benches out of scrap 2×4’s and 2×6’s. I was so pro. The noise of sheeting being knocked into place on the floor, saws cutting, air nailers pounding, and compressors rumbling isn’t a nuisance to me. It reminds me of my childhood. Mmm, the smell of freshly cut lumber (now there’s a perfume I might not mind). The only annoying part is when they blast Wired 96. There is no way the stuff they play on that station could be considered music. I was relieved to hear The Bull yesterday. Me. Relieved to hear country. Haha, I feel old when I catch myself grumbling about kids these days and their crappy music :P

Well, icing ingredients beckon me – I better get cake-building!

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  1. Becky Fehr Says:

    Love your vintage Tupperware! It can be so hard to get ahead in the momma work place;)

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