Who Says 3 Is Too Many?

The bug in our house appears to have taken a hike earlier than I expected it to! The boys are slowly regaining their appetites, and are gaining enough energy to pick fights and whine again. Strange blessing indeed :) They have been napping like pros the last few days, trying to regain some strength. It’s been so nice to have willingness on their part when it’s time to get into bed. I hope it continues… :) This morning we got out of the house to do shop for a few things as we anticipate the arrival of some snow!

Given the fact that I am 25 and have 3 kids 3 and under, I’ve come to expect weird looks and stupid comments thrown my way far more often than they actually are. I guess since society generally dislikes children I just expect people to look down on me for contributing to the overpopulation of the earth (come on, give me a break). Most of the time I get quite the opposite: people smile, comment on how busy a mom I must be, or how cute and well behaved they are. (Cute? Always. Well behaved? Well, they consistently do well when others are watching.)

Alas, today was another story. One older lady made some comment about how I surely must have enough children now: her daughter has two and has her hands way too full – three for me must be plenty, “especially in this day and age.” Whatever that means. Are we dubbing 30 years ago as the good old days, when the world was perfect and family friendly? I’m pretty sure the world hasn’t been a perfectly family friendly place since our dear first parents ate the forbidden fruit. Another comment came from a guy, wanting to claim our table at Tim Horton’s as we were leaving, “You guys got enough kids here?” I know, this could be taken as an off the cuff conversation starter. With the right tone of voice, it could have been. But in the condescending tone with which it was directed at us? No. Not really nice, especially with my kids in earshot, as well as his probably 8 year old son. “Got enough kids here?” What, do you see 40 of them? Because I only count 3.

And in answer to the question? “Yes, for now.” Bracing myself for what will come should we ever have 4 kids.
Letting it go….
Letting it go.

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  1. Kendall Says:


  2. Becky Fehr Says:

    Oh have I been there… you mostly get good comments but the nasty ones DO get to a mother! I have a collection of rude comments I try not to remember. When I got pregnant with four I walked around for a while just daring someone to make a comment about it… lol, thankful I am usually able to see my way through the anger before I respond to rudely… A lot of people just don’t like kids in public period… well behaved or not. You are so blessed if you have more you will continue to be blessed! I can honestly say I am always excited for others no matter how many kids they have already! I would be thrilled for you for sure!

  3. Julie Cortens Says:

    I traveled everywhere with my four, including the big grocery shopping trip. I don’t remember any negative comments but then I was probably to busy keeping track of kids and getting through the shopping list and back to the van. But that was a few years ago, perhaps larger families were the norm. Generally though I find when people make a negative comment, they don’t mean to be critical, they are actually impressed, but just don’t know how to express that except perhaps through sarcasm.
    If you don’t feel that “3 (or 4 or 5 or 6) is too many”, what does it matter what a total stranger thinks? And what does he/she know about your life? Plan to forgive before you even head out and it is easier to accept the negative comments.
    To the lady who said “three must be plenty” I would smile, gently touch her arm and tell her “oh no, we hope to have three more!” Then watch her face. :)
    Cute photo – when are you stating the 365 blog?

  4. Kim Says:

    “Plan to forgive before you even head out…”
    Thank you Julie, you are so right. Most days I do have that mindset, thanks for the reminder.
    I was thinking of starting the 365 blog in January, just for the sake of doing it over the course of an entire year from start to finish, but I’m starting to think December 1 will make a good start date – get into the groove of it while there’s plenty of interesting Christmasy things going on to take pictures of, so I hopefully don’t get too discouraged once cold and dreary January hits :)

  5. Amanda @ My everyday Says:

    As a mother of two (going on three) under 3 1/2 @ 24 years old, I know the feeling. I haven’t had any rude comments yet, but I have had tons of way too sympathetic comments “Oh, you must be tired!” “Bless your heart.” And the third isn’t even visible yet!

  6. Becky Fehr Says:

    Appreciate Julie’s comment:) Good reminder and good attitude!

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