Heck Yes

jeansAbout a month ago I was feeling hopeful – my post-baby jeans were getting pretty loose and I thought perhaps I could get into the pre-baby ones again. It was not to be. So, trying to not feel too discouraged, I folded them back up and placed them back on the shelf. Some day.

Yesterday I was telling Clay I thought I needed to go buy some smaller jeans – I figured I needed a size between the two that I have, and said I was scared to try the pre-baby’s on again because I didn’t want to be discouraged again. He encouraged me to just try, and not beat myself up if they didn’t fit. And….they fit! I know, they’re just jeans. It shouldn’t affect the way I look at my body that much. It sure helps though :P

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  1. Dana Says:


  2. Becky Fehr Says:

    Oh yah! Way to go Mama!

  3. rob Says:

    Nice shot of your own bum kim!!

  4. e Says:


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