Get Fit Without Trying! (Not)

So in my last post I talked about doing things for God’s glory, not ours. I said that one of my goals for 2010 is to train for and run in a 5k race. Why? Because I haven’t been taking very good care of my body. While my BMI is within the “normal” range, I don’t consider myself a healthy normal weight.

I am weak! My hips are constantly clicking and cracking, my back is continuously sore and wound tighter than …well, I’m tired and not feeling particularly witty at the moment so insert whatever comes to mind when I say “wound tight”, my ribs are always popping out of place which leads to stupid amounts of pain and sometimes difficulty breathing, all the tension in my back and shoulders leads to neck pain and chronic headaches. Anytime I go to the chiropractor he is amazed at how stiff and knotted up my back is, and sometimes can’t even get things to move back into place. (For the record, he’s no weakling. My brother has described him as “rammy”, which I think suits him to a T). Massage therapy loosens me up for the day, and the next day I wake up tighter than I was before because my muscles are in such shock that tightening up is all they know how to do. And boy, do they do it well. Not only that, but the shock of temporary loosened muscles or joints back in alignment often sends me into days of migraine headaches. Lovely.

So, the easy fixes aren’t working. There is no magical chiropractic adjustment or massage technique to fix things. Weak muscles remain weak and there is no quick, pain free way to strengthen them. Surprise, surprise!! I have known all this time that it’s going to take work to get stronger and be healthier, but I’ve been taking the lazy, selfish way out.

Does anyone else watch The Biggest Loser? We love watching it. It is amazing to see what our bodies are capable of doing when put under stress. They change! The transformations these bodies go through in such a short amount of time are such a testimony of God’s incredible design in creation! God created us for more than being obese, lethargic, unhealthy, people who sit on our couches eating ice cream and Doritos. Now let me also say that if you want to understand how to get healthy to the glory of God and not self, don’t take any pointers from anyone on The Biggest Loser. The gospel being preached over and over again on this show is that YOU are worth it, you need to do something for YOU for a change (Um…thinking about themselves is what got these people to 400 pounds in the first place), you need to love YOURSELF and that’s when lasting change is going to happen. False, false, false!! Don’t think that if you just increase your self esteem that everything will get better. All that’s doing is transferring the idolatry from self pity to self esteem, both of which are pride. Okay, I’m done ranting. For now anyway.

The reason I mention The Biggest Loser is because it really makes me think. If these morbidly obese people can change their lives and their bodies out of selfishness and vain ambition, I should really get serious about taking care of my body to the glory of God! And by his grace, I will. I’m aiming to run a 5k race six months from now. I chose 5k because I’ve attempted training for 10k in the past and it has always just seemed to be too daunting of a task. I have given up every single time. 5k seems a little more attainable. And if Biggest Loser contestants can go from obese to running a marathon within 6 months, surely I can go from a healthy weight to running a 5k in that amount of time. Yeah I know, working out is their full time job, we have lives to live and can’t expect results like them, blah, blah, blah. Imagine if people like me just stopped making excuses and just worked hard at getting healthy like God intended us to be, for his glory. I’m not saying I’m immune to being lazy. Obviously I’m not, or I’d have trained for and run a 10k a few years ago when I first started trying to learn to run.


Since it’s winter and I’m really not keen on running in the cold and snow, I’m going to do what I can indoors until I can start running on dry roads. Yesterday I started doing Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred DVD. All the reviews I’ve read on this workout say it’s brutally hard and delivers real results – not so much in weight loss, but muscle built and body shape changing as a result. I’ll second the fact that it’s brutally hard. At one point yesterday my legs were shaking uncontrollably as I tried to do one of the cardio exercises, the same way my legs shook when I was giving birth to Bailey. I’m not joking. Thankfully it didn’t hurt as bad as having a baby, and so I will press on! And after the workout yesterday I could barely walk down the stairs in our house – 2 hours after I finished the workout. While doing it again today, I already felt stronger! And I could support my weight when I walked down the stairs today. Small victory, but so cool to see tangible results that quickly. I wonder how I’ll feel 28 days from now!

I’m going to blog regular updates on how I’m doing with this DVD to keep me accountable, and perhaps add a little comic relief to your day when I tell you about how I collapsed halfway through. If I miss a day, feel free to tell me to get my butt in gear. And hey, anyone else want to join me? Jillian’s got plenty of torture to go around for you too!

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  1. Becky Fehr Says:

    Good for you and may I just ignore the invite at the end of this post??

  2. Julie Cortens Says:

    Did another spin class this morning at 5:45 am YES! And I lived to tell about it.
    The best web site for God glorifying weight loss and self control is
    Keep a journal – set some reasonable goals and keep a journal on how you are doing.
    Keep running the race with your eyes on Him!

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