Slugging Away

For any and all of you wondering when I am going to post a picture of my shredded bod……hah. Not anytime soon, that’s for sure! I fell of the exercise wagon and have been too ashamed to show my face around here. I actually considered never blogging again so I wouldn’t have to tell you all I failed. It sounds hilarious now that I actually am admitting it! That slug nature is a tough one to kill! I seem far too comfortable to sit around drinking Coke (okay honestly that’s not a regular occurrence but it’s what I happen to be doing at this very moment) as long as I hover around the same weight. I heard it said once, “Don’t judge your success and failure by what the scale says, but by how your clothes fit.” Well I’m happy with the size I am now and my jeans are not getting any snugger, so I have been foolishly allowing myself to say I’m doing fine. I’m not. I’ve been dealing with a lot of back pain and headaches again lately.

I’m still planning on running that 5k in June, and I hear my race partner has been sticking with her training (way to go Jessica!) so I better get back at it this week. Sigh. No one said this would be easy, right?

4 Responses to “Slugging Away”

  1. Becky Fehr Says:

    Right. I am proud of you anyhow… I am happy with my clothing and my weight but I know I should be more fit for health sake and I am encouraged by your willingness to keep at it, try again and all that. Don’t quit blogging for that reason, he he he…

  2. Jessica Podhordeski Says:

    You are the one who encouraged me to get going with that training schedule, so I guess we can both be credited with encouraging each other. And by the way, you look great!

  3. Jan P Says:

    I thought you were looking fabulous on Sunday!! You are sooooo tiny!!
    Don’t give up on the training or the blogging…persevere and enjoy them both!
    Love you girl!

  4. Jude Says:

    alright! You’re back at it. So, my 30 day shred dvd is collecting dust on the shelf, the good news is that my milk has come back in. I think shredding is a little beyond what my body and Mac need right now. Running (even walking) is a fabulous way to keep your heart strong and your body healthy. I’ll pray for your motivation, endurance & time to carve out of an insane schedule of rearing 3 children and loving a good man.

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