Is the biblical view of women applicable in our culture today?

I want to encourage you to read this article written by Grace Driscoll. Grace is the wife of Mark Driscoll, teaching pastor at Mars Hill Church in Seattle. I’ve ‘gotten to know’ her through a few podcasts that she’s been on with Mark, and had the privilege of sitting in on some sessions for wives that she was a part of at the Acts29 Boot Camp Clay and I attended in Seattle back in September. Grace is a quiet and gentle spirit, a wife of noble character, whose witness is inspiring. Go ahead and read. I hope you’ll be encouraged to see the timeless truth of Scripture that she unpacks. And if what she says makes you defensive, ask yourself “why?”.

The lie of the world is that women have to “be all things to all people” and “be superwoman.” If we allow this lie to rule us, we will live a very unfulfilled life. Christ redeemed us so we could glorify Him in the roles he created us for (helpmates and homebuilders). This looks different for each of us in different seasons of life and as our husbands lead us in various ways. As soon as we start to look at the “importance” of our roles according to culture we will grow weary and bitter. If we view them through God’s eyes, as a beautiful picture of His place of rest and protection for us, we will know the kind of peace that passes understanding that guards our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus (Phillip. 4:7).

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