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For the record.

Saturday, June 11th, 2011

No, I don’t know if the baby has dropped. Everyone thinks baby looks really low and from the way I feel I guess I would agree, but they also say that after your first pregnancy the baby doesn’t usually drop until labour starts. So who knows.

Yes, I am getting uncomfortable.

No, my midwife doesn’t know when I will go into labour. Midwives and doctors are not psychics. And I praise God that I haven’t had any completely unnecessary vaginal exams to check for dilation and effacement to give me false hope about when labour will start. Whether I’m 50% effaced or not, 2cm dilated or not, has no real power in indicating when I will go into labour.

Yes, I will have my hands full. I already do.

No, I’m not anxiously awaiting labour with each passing day. I have gone past due before and know that for my own sanity, it’s best to anticipate baby coming late rather than early or even on time.

It sounds silly, but only today has it really dawned on me that we’re actually having a baby. I’ve thought a lot about labour and birth, and how this baby’s arrival is going to be a different experience than I’ve ever had before. I think I haven’t felt prepared for birth because it hasn’t clicked in my brain that another person is really going to be joining our family. A beautiful, perfectly designed little son or daughter will be placed in my arms within the next few weeks. I feel like my heart is growing another chamber that is filling up with love for this precious baby. I’m so excited to meet them.